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Concussion Awareness

Concussion Awareness

Rowan's Law

Under Rowan's Law, all Baseball Ontario participants must familiarize themselves with the Concussion Awareness Resources offered by the Province of Ontario.

All Georgina Minor Baseball players and their parent or guardian must confirm they have reviewed these Concussion Awareness Resources and the new Concussion Protocol. This applies to all House League, Select, Rep and Elite players, Clinic participants and Warehouse members.

This e-booklet will help you learn more about concussions so you can keep yourself and others active and safe — whether you’re an athlete, student, parent, coach, official or educator. You can download and print a copy for reference.

Removal-from-Sport and Return-to-Sport Protocols are in development. Parachute Canada provides a number of resources, including a Return-to-Sport Strategy that all coaches, players and families are encouraged to follow.

Additionally, NCCP offers free online concussion safety education as part of their national coaching certification program. We encourage all coaches to take advantage of this education opportunity.